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SpeakEasy develops software for specifying complex (speech driven) computer dialogs, primarily for Actions on Google, the software platform that extends the capabilities of the Google Assistant. To this end, a high-level, yet easy to understand formalism / language (Dialogic) has been developed. The formalism uses a couple of entities (Questions, Commands, Triggers and Patterns) as well as a script language, for the dialog specification.

Speech patterns that trigger the commands and questions are entered in an extended, arbitrarily complex regular expression format that can be intermingled with script language statements. A compiler converts the dialog to a self-contained software (node.js server) module that contains the fulfillment code referred to in the actions.json file used by Actions on Google to launch the dialog. Internally in the node.js server there is a ‘dialog driver’ which executes the right Question, Command, etc. at the right moment.

Dialogic may serve as an easy to use alternative for e.g. Dialogflow. The language has been used to specify the dialog that can be conducted with the Dutch National Railways in order to obtain (train) travel information. This app is now in an alpha testing stage. A translated sample of the Dialogic code that has been used can be found here, with a sample piece of generated (TypeScript) code here.

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